BellevueJr/Sr High School
7th through 12th Grade

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Think Central K-6

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IXL: ( or IXL app) -ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies Reinforcement

Teach Engineering K-12  

Click any links below for lessons that can be completed with everyday materials at home.

Elementary School

Invent a Backscratcher from Everyday Materials 

Wheeling It In! 

Engineers Speak for the Trees 

Right on Target: Catapult Game 

Exploring Variables While Testing & Improving Mint-Mobiles 


Middle School

Spaghetti Soapbox Derby 

Edible Rovers 

Engineering Pop-Up Books 

Mobile Forces 

Leaning Tower of Pasta 

High School

Curb the Epidemic! 

Simulating the Bug  

An Implementation of Steganography 

Solar Farm Cost-Benefit Analysis 

Big Data, What Are You Saying?  

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt- free resource